Railway board exams is finished in two three successive process. All three stages differ from each other. Written test is schedule in 1st or may in 2nd stage and there is psycho/aptitude test in last stage. After success in written exam, there is important and mandatory subject psycho/aptitude test for candidates in railway selection board for final selection in diesel/electrical loco pilot post.

Railway psycho/aptitude test is based in numerical question and for that, aspirants has to do continuous practice. This is time management based test. Aspirants can get success unless until they don’t have time management. This test is scheduled for 1 hr but due to interference of railway officer and psychologist, it may extend to 2-3 hrs. This is advised you to listen the invigilator’s instruction carefully.

With the help of this exam, they judge the mental ability and personality of the candidates. Under this test, 5-6 different kinds of test are included. Before starting each set, invigilator give the necessary instruction to the candidate and satisfying them invigilator asked the candidate to start the test against the given time. There is separate booklet given for each test where question number and time mentioned.

Question paper pattern is just like the test booklet in which process of answer given. This is advised to candidate do not change the answer to save the time.

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For the candidate of Diesel/electrical loco pilot, nature of the question and the time is given below:-

Question No Nature of the Question Quantity of Question Allotted Time
1. Memory test 1+1=2sets 4+4=8 min
2. Memory test 1+1=2sets 6+6=12 min
3. Watch table test 20 10 min
4. Same figure test 96 6 min
5. Table test or column-row test 10 5 min
6. Digit relation test 75 4 min
7. Brick test 50 5 min
8. Yes or no test 96 4 min
9. Similarity test 72 6 min


For the selection for the post diesel/electrical loco pilot in railway, candidate has to go through the process of psycho/aptitude test. This test judges the mental ability and personality of the candidate. The test is taken by the psychologist in a group. Before starting the test, candidate should get understand the method of the answer with the help of example. Every test is objective based and has to solve within allotted time. Candidates are not allowed to participate again in the same test. Evaluation of the answer sheet is done by the computer.


Question paper is based on test booklet. There will be separate answer for separate test and according to the allotted space. Although before starting exam, invigilator gives all the important instruction the candidate.

Candidate must put their answer with the help of blue ink ball pen only. Don’t use the pencil for the answer. A letter is written in circle on answer sheet which shows the option. This is advised to candidate that before coloring the circle on answer sheet, they should confirm the accurate answer. The circle should color in such a way that inner letter in the circle not visible. If candidate don’t follow all the given instruction, there is a chance to reject the answer sheet by the computer for further evaluation. Before color the circle candidate must confirm about the answer. They are advised not to change the answer to avoid any penalty.

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